1. Zombies in school and neighbourhood

    Mon 13 November 2023 By Bön

    I saw that something was happening in the gulf countries. Like higher technology fighter jets were to them by US and these technologies were used to develop higher speed sports car. People were misusing these sports car to race one another and earn money. They drove rash to earn money …

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  2. Police chasing me and guests at home

    Fri 10 November 2023 By Bön

    I saw a big verticle circle and people were rolling tyres over it. Then I sat on a car and it automatically started moving and then some policemen started chasing me and all there cars hit somewhere but nothing happened to me Transformers . Then the first policeman who started chasing …

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  3. Monkey in our courtyard

    Sat 12 December 2020 By Bön

    We were living in ground floor quarter. I saw an infant monkey in our courtyard. We had one branch with small guava at the end. I swinged the branch towards him and the monkey plucked the guava and started eating. I was watching him eat the guava. By the time …

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  4. My quarter and school playground

    Fri 12 April 2019 By Bön

    I saw a dream in which I was living in a strange quarter which had two outlets on either side of the quarter. I was living on the top floor which was also the top floor. In the dream I saw Ununi Uncle and Leelama Aunty had come to our …

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  5. Three street dogs in my courtyard

    Mon 08 April 2019 By Bön

    I was doing something at the backside of my quarter, sitting beside the open doors in front of courtyard. Then three street dogs came. When I saw them coming closer I closed the door which had net, so that I can see whether they are gone or not. Then I …

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