1. Zombies in school and neighbourhood

    Mon 13 November 2023 By Bön

    I saw that something was happening in the gulf countries. Like higher technology fighter jets were to them by US and these technologies were used to develop higher speed sports car. People were misusing these sports car to race one another and earn money. They drove rash to earn money …

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  2. Komodo dragon, inner sanctum and the mysterious man

    Mon 07 December 2020 By Bön

    I saw a komodo dragon. It was there near the house. I was afraid, so I told someone about it. Then it ran inside something like a water pump cover. I told someone that we should kill it. It was held by the tail and thrashed into the ground a …

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  3. Poison and College days

    Mon 13 May 2019 By Bön

    I had phoned my enemy about some medicine he told me about some poison. I bought the poison he had told and gave it to a friend of my enemy. At night around 7pm or 8pm I saw that my enemy along with his friends were fighting with me in …

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  4. A powerful dark spirit

    Mon 22 April 2019 By Bön

    I was invited to a place which had a powerful dark spirit. Later I realised that even powerful dark spirits don’t have power on us. I found out that some shooting for the movie was taking place there. I also remember telling someone that when we drink cold water …

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  5. A big house

    Thu 18 April 2019 By Bön

    I was living in a house which was big both size wise and name wise. I was part of a closed door meeting of some members of the house. At the end of the meeting it was decided to send laptop. So I took my laptop to a particular location …

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  6. My quarter and school playground

    Fri 12 April 2019 By Bön

    I saw a dream in which I was living in a strange quarter which had two outlets on either side of the quarter. I was living on the top floor which was also the top floor. In the dream I saw Ununi Uncle and Leelama Aunty had come to our …

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