Monkey in our courtyard

12 Dec 2020

We were living in ground floor quarter. I saw an infant monkey in our courtyard. We had one branch with small guava at the end. I swinged the branch towards him and the monkey plucked the guava and started eating. I was watching him eat the guava. By the time my brother came with camera the monkey had gone. I got angry that my brother could not take the picture. My mother said that he will only eat pulao and fruits. Then we gave the monkey something to eat in...

Komodo dragon, inner sanctum and the mysterious man

07 Dec 2020

I saw a komodo dragon. It was there near the house. I was afraid, so I told someone about it. Then it ran inside something like a water pump cover. I told someone that we should kill it. It was held by the tail and thrashed into the ground a couple of times then it died but was lying inside the house. I looked at it for sometime and wanted it to be thrown outside the house. In another dream I was inside the inner sanctum of church. There the...

Exam day and barber shop in hometown

08 Oct 2019

Today I saw Laxmikant my roommate from college in the dream. It was an exam day and we were having exam of I think Physics. He was telling me things he had prepared for the exam. Then I realized I have not prepared anything for the exam. So I told him that I have not prepared anything for the exam and I also told him that from tomorrow’s exam onward I will come prepared. Then in another dream I saw that I am in my hometown. I had gone to...

Job assistant

23 May 2019

I saw a place with a canal flowing and children flying kites over it. I was searching for a front desk job assistant.

Boat in sea port

17 May 2019

I was like coming back from abroad to my hometown. I was at the top floor of something that looked like a bus at a sea port. I saw a boat preparing to leave for my hometown with some people seated on it. Then I asked the conductor and the driver of the boat about how to enter the boat from this top floor of the bus. They pointed me to a ladder which was very long and thin. Since I was afraid to use that ladder I was thinking...

Poison and College days

13 May 2019

I had phoned my enemy about some medicine he told me about some poison. I bought the poison he had told and gave it to a friend of my enemy. At night around 7pm or 8pm I saw that my enemy along with his friends were fighting with me in the terrace. Then I saw that my college days are about to get over in a couple of weeks time. The students were living in colonies instead of hostels. Our practical was about to happen in one of those upper...