Zombies in school and neighbourhood

Mon 13 November 2023 By Bön

I saw that something was happening in the gulf countries. Like higher technology fighter jets were to them by US and these technologies were used to develop higher speed sports car. People were misusing these sports car to race one another and earn money. They drove rash to earn money and didn't care about the damage they did to the public infrastructure. When people who earned money through rash driving escaped to other countries without paying penalties for damages done to other public buildings, they started sending mercenaries to kill those people in other countries. This fear later transformed to a disease of fear in my school. In my school and other schools there was fear that gulf people will send mercenaries to kill us. Our friends and other children used to change in the evening and tried to keep other children hostages in the school. Like some children turned into zombies and others were turning into zombies to keep other children hostages. I also started feeling sleepy and turning into zombie but somehow woke up and tried to run out through south gate of the school but some students who have already turned into zombie tried to stop. I escaped his clutches and saw that there are more zombies in the north gate. Everyone was escaping through the east gate because no one was there to stop us. I ran to the east gate and escaped from the school.

Then I saw I was living in a quarter with my wife in a township and was planing to shift my quarter to another place because closer to school and when I will have kids it will be easier to drop them to school. Then Nitesh my neighbor came and said there are schools nearby and showed some empty quarter nearby. He also showed quarters of some teachers. Then I was thinking of living in the same quarter and why bother about changing quarter when school is nearby.