Paying a visit to relatives

Thu 28 February 2019 By Bön

In the dream I was roaming from one place to my relative’s place with my mother in bus. There was some function where I was eating chicken biriyani and talking. There was one fellow in that function he used to invest in stocks. One of my relatives asked him what he does. He said that he simply invest in stocks. So my relatives started saying why that fellow is not doing any jobs and started making fun of him by saying that the fellow is business magnet.

Mean while I was eating chicken biriyani and worried about finishing biriyani along with others because of my slow eating. One small boy started asking me about something. I was not able to understand, so i told the small boy to ask that fellow who was distributing chicken to everyone because the small boy was seated next to that fellow who was distributing chicken. The small boy then asked a fat boy who was seating near him. That fat boy told me mockingly that the small boy is talking about STD. I got angry and stood up from my chair and shouted at the fat fellow saying “I am not shy of talking about sex”. Then I started talking to the small boy who told me that there was a boy who cut his penis and eventually became mad and died.