1. Boat in sea port

    Fri 17 May 2019 By Bön

    I was like coming back from abroad to my hometown. I was at the top floor of something that looked like a bus at a sea port. I saw a boat preparing to leave for my hometown with some people seated on it. Then I asked the conductor and the …

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  2. A train journey

    Thu 09 May 2019 By Bön

    I remember little bit that we were provided good food at very high rate. Since we didn’t had much time some people were saying that we must hurry up. Then others started saying that the cost of food is so high that we cannot waste the food. Then I …

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  3. Going somewhere

    Wed 01 May 2019 By Bön

    I was going somewhere for exam or to learn something. There were few others also with me. They used to say I eat very slow. We mostly ate from street vendors. In one such incident the cost of food was 50. When I looked at my wallet I only had …

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  4. You are a noorrrtthheneer

    Sat 27 April 2019 By Bön

    I saw a truck driver who was doing some maintenance work in his truck. Then his sight went to some screw in the wheel and he realized that he has to ride the truck within a pre specified speed limit. So I told the driver to make the helper sit …

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  5. Training camp of selected students

    Fri 26 April 2019 By Bön

    My father, brother and I were going somewhere. We had huge luggage. There were other people with luggage. Some children even held cards in their hand in which was written the name of few exams.The passage was very weird it had several slides and escalators. Finally we reached at …

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  6. Hanging behind a train and topic wise exam analysis

    Sat 20 April 2019 By Bön

    I remember that I was going somewhere in train. Since I didn’t find space I grabbed a ladder attached at the back of the train and the train started moving. A guard saw me hanging on the ladder and whistled to stop the train. When train stopped people started …

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  7. Two or three different dreams

    Wed 17 April 2019 By Bön

    In one dream I was trying to find out some ratio so that I could invest well in stock market.

    In another dream I saw that I was going to an old and prestigious institution. I was roaming that institution. There I learned that there are some water bodies if …

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