1. Exam day and barber shop in hometown

    Tue 08 October 2019 By Bön

    Today I saw Laxmikant my roommate from college in the dream. It was an exam day and we were having exam of I think Physics. He was telling me things he had prepared for the exam. Then I realized I have not prepared anything for the exam. So I told …

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  2. Training camp of selected students

    Fri 26 April 2019 By Bön

    My father, brother and I were going somewhere. We had huge luggage. There were other people with luggage. Some children even held cards in their hand in which was written the name of few exams.The passage was very weird it had several slides and escalators. Finally we reached at …

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  3. Hanging behind a train and topic wise exam analysis

    Sat 20 April 2019 By Bön

    I remember that I was going somewhere in train. Since I didn’t find space I grabbed a ladder attached at the back of the train and the train started moving. A guard saw me hanging on the ladder and whistled to stop the train. When train stopped people started …

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  4. Preparing for bank exams again

    Sat 13 April 2019 By Bön

    I had a dream in which I saw that earlier each bank used to conduct recruitment exams once in a year now they are conducting exams twice a year. So I started preparing for my bank exams again. I noticed that a lot of subjective questions had also been included …

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  5. Two or three dreams got mixed-up

    Sat 06 April 2019 By Bön

    I remember that Suraj who is actually working in MGR on contract basis at NTPC got a job in RBI on contract basis. So I was wondering whether he would tell people that he is working in RBI or he would say that he is working in RBI on contract …

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