Boat in sea port

Fri 17 May 2019 By Bön

I was like coming back from abroad to my hometown. I was at the top floor of something that looked like a bus at a sea port. I saw a boat preparing to leave for my hometown with some people seated on it. Then I asked the conductor and the driver of the boat about how to enter the boat from this top floor of the bus. They pointed me to a ladder which was very long and thin. Since I was afraid to use that ladder I was thinking how to reach the boat. Then the driver and conductor started saying hurry up the boat is about to leave. then I took some other way and when I reached half way I jumped into the sea. After that I started swimming to reach the boat.When I reached the boat the driver and conductor started saying that until and unless you enter the boat we won’t consider you. Then somehow I entered the boat and sat on a vacant place. Then the conductor started saying that I am very lucky to have got a place to sit and I saw that some people were trying to enter the boat.