Poison and College days

Mon 13 May 2019 By Bön

I had phoned my enemy about some medicine he told me about some poison. I bought the poison he had told and gave it to a friend of my enemy. At night around 7pm or 8pm I saw that my enemy along with his friends were fighting with me in the terrace.

Then I saw that my college days are about to get over in a couple of weeks time. The students were living in colonies instead of hostels. Our practical was about to happen in one of those upper quarters which was behind the students’ quarters. Our parents had also come. It was already 10pm but the practical had not started yet. When I reached the terrace of one of the quarters I saw my current juniors there. I shook hands with all of them there and knowingly told them that I’ll leave the quarter in a couple of days. Then I came down the stairs and they continued standing at the terrace.