You are a noorrrtthheneer

Sat 27 April 2019 By Bön

I saw a truck driver who was doing some maintenance work in his truck. Then his sight went to some screw in the wheel and he realized that he has to ride the truck within a pre specified speed limit. So I told the driver to make the helper sit next to the himself and ask the helper to alert when the speed limit crosses.

Then I saw that I was having food in Anu miss house. After sometime Anu miss also came from school and joined us. She started saying that even though children after passing out from school are there in the whatsapp group but she was wondering whether children actually see the messages. After finishing my food I wished her and left to a nearby shop which was small. I don’t remember what I wanted to buy from that shop, might be something for my journey. There was a young girl there who was very fair. But the girl was very talkative and was saying that since I’m going abroad I am no longer a worker and I should learn to behave as a gentleman. In the meantime I saw Anu miss going past the shop. After waiting for sometime at the shop I decided to leave, again the girl started saying that I should start thinking as a gentleman. She said that forex market is very risky and I should stay away from it. Then I got idea that I can invest in equity in intraday. After sometime I saw her father enter the shop. He was also very fair and tall and they started talking to each other in strange language. Then my sight went to a quote which read when you go to moon you realize you are a noorrrtthheneer ( the rest of the quote I don’t remember )