Mysterious tree and flying missile

Sun 07 July 2024 By Bön

There was someone dressed like a Hindu priest. He showed a tree which was like peepal tree and said not like other trees which had seeds. I looked and saw fine particles suspended in the air around the tree, that was its seed. He gave me two yantras for that tree. I don't remember the alphabets, but each of them had an alphabet on each of the four directions. I think one of them had H in east, O in south, M in west and E in North. The other one had everything same except it had B in North.

Then I saw winter had gone and lakes have gone from ice to water, everyone is playing. Then a teacher comes and takes a test. He said 10% are studying or can study well. I was among the 90%. I was playing on top of a tall freestanding climber. I saw a missile coming towards us at high speed. It fell on the ground, picked itself up and went in some other direction. At one point it fell in front of us, and we turned it off. On lifting it up we realized heavier than usual toys. Somebody came for the missile and I said don't give it. It became a small toy car, and we used it to better our football kicks. Turned on, and it moved in the direction pointed then we kick it. After some time it comes back, and we kick again. Some of them used it for hand exercises, it lost all its power