Monkey in our courtyard

Sat 12 December 2020 By Bön

We were living in ground floor quarter. I saw an infant monkey in our courtyard. We had one branch with small guava at the end. I swinged the branch towards him and the monkey plucked the guava and started eating. I was watching him eat the guava. By the time my brother came with camera the monkey had gone. I got angry that my brother could not take the picture. My mother said that he will only eat pulao and fruits. Then we gave the monkey something to eat in a plate. After eating, the monkey went inside our house to keep the plate in the kitchen. As soon as the monkey entered our house, my brother closed the outer door with nets. the monkey became nervous and started running towards the door. I opened the door and scolded my brother. Then the monkey went outside without harming us. Then we gave the infant monkey pudi in a plate and channa curry in a frying pan. He started eating it, then a crow also came and started eating it, but the monkey did not do anything. While drinking water the crow spilled some water on the monkey but the monkey still didn’t do anything.