Famous soldier in mall

Sun 05 May 2019 By Bön

I was learning something under the tutelage of a teacher. Due to some reasons she was teaching but I was not getting the concepts well.

Then I went with someone to a place that looked like a mall. There we met a man who looked worried probably because his mother was not well. It looked as if his mother was also a doctor. He was telling his mother over phone to meet some other doctor and if she didn’t get well she can ask the other doctor to refer her to Dr. Verma which was like a family doctor to them. While coming out of that mall we saw a famous soldier entering the mall with full security. After coming out of the mall I told the other person who was with me that the soldier’s chest was quite impressive.

There were two long queues and I was standing at the left queue to withdraw money from ATM. By the time my turn came, a family with a small two year old child asked the person just in front of me to allow them to withdraw money in a Tamil accent. The person in front of me agreed and after waiting for some time my turn came. When my turn came a tall and thin boy came and asked me to allow him to withdraw money. I sternly said no and inserted my ATM card. Then that boy helped me to withdraw money from the ATM. The process was little lengthy like the slip comes out of the machine and we had to enter the serial number of the slip in order to withdraw cash from the ATM machine. When I was about to leave after withdrawing cash a small girl said thanks aka to me. I was wondering why she said that.