Komodo dragon, inner sanctum and the mysterious man

Mon 07 December 2020 By Bön

I saw a komodo dragon. It was there near the house. I was afraid, so I told someone about it. Then it ran inside something like a water pump cover. I told someone that we should kill it. It was held by the tail and thrashed into the ground a couple of times then it died but was lying inside the house. I looked at it for sometime and wanted it to be thrown outside the house.

In another dream I was inside the inner sanctum of church. There the norm was that something like a cork cricket ball was also burnt in the censer. I burnt a portion of the ball and put it in the censer. I kept blowing air through my mouth but it was not burning well. So I held it near a fan for sometime and the cork ball burnt well.

In yet another dream I was coming out of someone else’s house. As I was starting my bike’s engine, I saw beautiful hills filled with greenery. Among the people who were there to see us off, I saw an old thin man standing straight in a trance like state with eyes somewhat closed.