Going to school

Sat 23 February 2019 By Bön

I was studying in a school and due to some reason I didn’t go to school, but later I realized I hardly go to school. When I realized it I decided to go to school but it was already noon so I locked my house and went in the second half. When I reached there it was games period or computer lab period. I asked few people who were sitting in my class what will happen to my today’s attendance because the attendance was already taken in the morning. They said it is in the hands of the teacher, if the teacher wants then they can give me attendance. My mother was a teacher in that school and the teachers were discussing something in the staff room. When I reached where other children of my class were present, I along with few others were given tea by a fellow girl. I was sitting at the corner of an already crowded bench. There was a pathway between my right hand and a wall to go to the back of the classroom. I saw two three tall black men talking in strange language going through that pathway.