Going somewhere

Wed 01 May 2019 By Bön

I was going somewhere for exam or to learn something. There were few others also with me. They used to say I eat very slow. We mostly ate from street vendors. In one such incident the cost of food was 50. When I looked at my wallet I only had few hundred rupee notes and one five hundred rupee note. The hundred rupee note looked real but the five hundred rupee note did not look real. Since the street vendor said that he does not have change so I decided to swipe my card. Then I saw that we were outside a railway station looking for an auto to go to our place. Some people sat in an auto. They pointed me to another auto and said it will only take 50 rupees. When I asked that auto he said it will take 400 rupees. I got angry and when I looked back all people who were with me had gone. Then I decided to walk and after walking for sometime I reached at a place. There I heard voices of many small children playing around. I decided to take a room there as it was already night and think about how to go to the main center in the morning.