Exam day and barber shop in hometown

Tue 08 October 2019 By Bön

Today I saw Laxmikant my roommate from college in the dream. It was an exam day and we were having exam of I think Physics. He was telling me things he had prepared for the exam. Then I realized I have not prepared anything for the exam. So I told him that I have not prepared anything for the exam and I also told him that from tomorrow’s exam onward I will come prepared.

Then in another dream I saw that I am in my hometown. I had gone to cut my hair in a barbers shop. The barber was a young boy and very friendly. When the time came to shave he applied the shaving cream in my hand and I applied the cream nicely on my face. While shaving my beard he said that usually people are not so enthusiastic about applying cream on their own face and normally people normally apply little bit cream here and there. While coming from the barbers shop the barber was also walking with me. He asked me to come again to his shop, so I told him that I have come to his shop before also. then I asked him which is better to put little bit cream here and there or to put the shaving cream nicely all over. He said that both are both ways are fine. Then I said ok to the barber and he returned to his shop. While walking I saw many people were also walking in the same direction. After walking little bit I saw my father talking to James uncle. As I continued walking I realized I was walking barefoot. Then I saw my mother walking with few other teachers.