Two or three dreams got mixed-up

Sat 06 April 2019 By Bön

I remember that Suraj who is actually working in MGR on contract basis at NTPC got a job in RBI on contract basis. So I was wondering whether he would tell people that he is working in RBI or he would say that he is working in RBI on contract basis.

Then I saw that since I was going somewhere, my father came with me to the station which was quite raised from the ground. He showed me from the platform that although people are sleeping on bed sheets on the ground but my mother and other relatives are only sitting. He also said that when I go on rickshaw or auto, I should give Rs. 8 in advance and after reaching the destination I should give the remaining Rs. 2

Then I remember a boy getting scholarship don’t remember if the prize money contained digits 24 or the duration of scholarship was for 24 months. He was using some technique in a very disciplined manner, don’t remember the name of the technique. In that technique he used to target his hormones.

I also remember that I went somewhere for some course or test for two days. Later I realized that I missed the test. When I looked at the questions, they were very difficult and I felt like quitting.