Three street dogs in my courtyard

Mon 08 April 2019 By Bön

I was doing something at the backside of my quarter, sitting beside the open doors in front of courtyard. Then three street dogs came. When I saw them coming closer I closed the door which had net, so that I can see whether they are gone or not. Then I saw someone hit one of the dogs and the dog starred at that person for sometime without barking, but that person didn’t mind the dog at all so that dog went away after some time. Now I decided to open the door but felt as if someone is pulling the door from the other side. When I peeped I saw one of the dogs pulling the door and suddenly the other two dogs also came and started pulling. I closed the door and then I realized that I had left my spectacle outside. When I looked through the net doors I saw one of the dogs going away, wearing my spectacle over his head. So I went to my mother who was sitting in the drawing room, cutting some vegetables and I told her that one dog took away my spectacle. Then I ran to the net door to see that dog, but my mother didn’t come yet so I called her again and she came. I opened the door and found that my courtyard had turned into a big playground where many children were playing different games. Now I saw that the dogs had turned into boys. I found the boy who was wearing my spectacle. When I reached near that boy my spectacle had turned into a plant coming out from his right leg. Then that boy said that he was sick and he went to the hospital and this fact can be checked from his doctor. Then one of the dogs came who had also turned into a boy started telling my mother and me that the spectacle belongs to the other boy. I cut the plant from his right leg without listening to anyone and went away with the plant.