In college

Sun 28 April 2019 By Bön

I saw Varghese, he was my classmate while studying in college. We used to lovingly call him kunjaddu meaning little goat because he was very small. He told me that before coming to college he had done few minor roles in Malayalam film industry. He said that in the film industry we need a different kind of energy and after getting a degree he will again try in film industry. Then there was a drawing competition and a girl came first but she continued drawing for few more minutes after the time was up. When the time was up someone asked her where is the ear of this elephant, at that time she quietly and quickly drew the ear within few minutes. Then there was a weight lifting competition. One boy was saying see how thin I am and yet I am lifting this heavy kettlebell. Everyone was lifting differently shaped weights. They were lifting weights as though they were mimicking accelerating a bike at different angles of their arm. That being said I remember that my bike ran out of fuel and I was roaming in the street in search of fuel. Then my father said that our insurance company will provide fuel at a nominal fee. I saw the fuel was well packed in a thick cardboard box with a round hole at one side.