A big house

Thu 18 April 2019 By Bön

I was living in a house which was big both size wise and name wise. I was part of a closed door meeting of some members of the house. At the end of the meeting it was decided to send laptop. So I took my laptop to a particular location and kept it on the ground. I hid somewhere to see what will happen to the laptop. After sometime few people came in jeep, took out their guns and started shooting around the laptop on the ground. Then they took the laptop with them. Later a message was recieved that the laptop was not working. Then the chief of the family came who was an old man, started grabbing the collar of different people of the house and began asking on whose permission was the laptop send. Then I saw that I was having food with some members of the house. We all ordered food and the food was coming one by one to the room where we were present. My food had not yet come and others were eating their own food.