Preparing for bank exams again

Sat 13 April 2019 By Bön

I had a dream in which I saw that earlier each bank used to conduct recruitment exams once in a year now they are conducting exams twice a year. So I started preparing for my bank exams again. I noticed that a lot of subjective questions had also been included. I joined an institution for preparation. In the hostel where I was staying I saw Manoj Yadav who was telling everyone that he had cleared the exam and got posted. The teacher in that institute asked me to learn by heart few things for the exams. Then I remember that I went to pay a visit to one of my relatives house. The way to her house was very strange. There was a house and above it was another house. She lived on the top floor which was above six or seven houses. There was only one way to go to her house which was a small makeshift spiral staircase connecting each house from the outside. I went to her house she gave me something to eat and then I left. Then I went to another relative’s house which only had a ground floor. There I saw a fat women and a boy. They had hens and cows and dogs in their house. They gave me a lot of things to eat. While eating I asked her how are they related to me. She did not answer and went to another room. Then I told her sternly that if she didn’t want to tell me then there is no need for me to be so frank. After talking sometime my father came and he looked as if he had come directly from railway station. I was surprised to see him. By the time he came I somehow ate all the food that they gave me to eat. Then all the members of the house started talking. After sometime my father told me that I better pack my bag and leave for the hostel otherwise I won’t be able to reach hostel on time. While packing a boy started singing a Hindi song and Joel corrected that boy’s pronunciation.