Police chasing me and guests at home

Fri 10 November 2023 By Bön

I saw a big verticle circle and people were rolling tyres over it. Then I sat on a car and it automatically started moving and then some policemen started chasing me and all there cars hit somewhere but nothing happened to me Transformers . Then the first policeman who started chasing me asked why he was chasing me.Then he said so many people were sent to you and you gave them something and now you don't entertain people. Then I started singing some lines of song. It was like this Oh we are so happy to feel the beauty of te sky free of cost. Then I looked at the sky and realised that indeed we are blessed to be able to enjoy the beauty of the sky. When I looked at sky it looked as another planet when seen from space.

Then Jaykant sir came to our home with family. He was saying something and I realised that everyone in his family except him looked like foreigners. Then I commented on his son that we just have to teach him and he will do the rest of the things